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Better For You Ventures

How do you convey the simplicity of complex
and well researched botanicals effectively?

By building a narrative around the power of nature
through a scientific lens.

Better For You is a nutraceutical brand that brings you powerful super blends sourced from nature, designed to help you live a better and more holistic lifestyle. The product offerings were built on the key foundations of well-being, enabling busy urbanites to lead better lives by addressing gaps in their daily lifestyle.

Staying true to the promise of enabling a better lifestyle, the flagship launch consisted of three key products that addressed the pillars of holistic well-being: Nutrition, Emotional Well-being, and Recovery. The products weren’t straightforward and simple and consisted of a Rainbow Superfood powder, an adaptogen powder drink mix, and a sleep spray. These were concepts that weren’t yet common knowledge.

Our goal was to convey this with simplicity to the right audience.

We began the project with a deep dive into the supplement market landscape and the shifting dynamics within it. From retail visits to competitor audits, we progressed to persona mapping. Data revealed that Indians were experiencing poorer sleep, increasing stress levels, and a lack of nutrition awareness. We identified personas and divided the consumer research between one-on-one deep dives and a larger quantitative analysis.

Our objective was to understand both the market’s acceptance of the product and how to effectively convey it to the right audience.

After extensive consumer research, we discovered the perfect balance between nature and modern science, inspiring our brand narrative: ‘Crafted by Science, Naturally’.

Our key insight was that people trust modern science and base decisions on scientific evidence, credibility, and simplicity. However, we didn’t want to compromise on the natural aspect of our ingredients or sound too clinical. Our goal was to effectively convey our brand promise through a compelling visual strategy.

The brand identity features a stylised word mark with scientific elements, symbolising the overlapping realms of science and nature.

We carefully crafted product names that would resonate with customers and created an easy-to-follow system centred around their needs. The goal was to keep it simple yet actionable. “Nourish – Thrive – Recover” perfectly encapsulates the core benefits of the products and the foundations of overall well being.

The products were crafted with the best from nature, so the illustrations became the front and centre of the entire visual language. Each illustration was hand-sketched and detailed with a modern appeal, keeping the audience in mind.

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Dev Rattan Nagpaul
Managing Director, Kasaya


A nutrition mix carefully crafted with an array of colorful fruits and vegetables. 20+ ingredients were hand illustrated to add a sense of lushness to the pack. We wanted to evoke a feeling that incorporated having something natural and wholesome in your diet through this simple powder.

Balance & Calm

An adaptogen mix mindfully curated enabling your body to be in a state of homeostasis. These natural herbs help prevent the effects of daily stress & fatigue. With careful precision and thoughtful illustration elements, we conveyed the inherent tranquility and transformative effects of Balance & Calm.

Deep Sleep Reset

A fast acting sleep spray that helps you fall asleep faster and achieve more restful sleep. Unlock the secret to a peaceful night’s rest as we believe everyone deserves the gift of restful sleep.