We are an Independent studio crafting future-ready business narratives through Strategy & Design.

Go from discovery to action in a comprehensive, insightful and unconventional method.

We believe in the power of ideas - a result of insatiable curiosity and relentless determination.


Having boundless enthusiasm for every project, big or small.


Striving for constant improvements. Doing whatever it takes to reach your objectives, with all our heart.


Looking where no one looks.Asking the right questions before arriving at the answers


Pushing boundaries and setting new benchmarks, not just for ourselves but for you.

We’re a Small Team
with Big Ambitions

Ankita Nandkeolyar

Founder & Chief Brand Strategist

Ankita founded Firebrand in 2015, a business transformation studio specialising in insightful designs that solve brand challenges. She crafts research-driven strategies rooted in culture, driving long-term results for her clients. Ankita thrives on challenges solvable through consumer insights and design. In life and work, she believes kindness leads the way.

With a background in Economics and Psychology, Ankita pursued her Masters in Brand Strategy & Communication from Istituto di Design in Milan. Her Indian roots, combined with her global exposure, contribute to her diverse and enriching professional experience

Business Consulting | Strategic Brand Development | Research | Client Collaboration | Thought Leadership | Business Growth | Team Development

Aditya Bhaskaran

Strategic Advisor

Aditya, our strategic advisor, instrumental in guiding strategic decisions, managing finances, and ensuring we get only the right team members on. With a keen eye for detail and a strategic mindset, he plays a pivotal role in shaping the company’s direction and growth.

Trained as a lawyer, Aditya obtained his degree from the University of Pennsylvania, USA, and currently focuses extensively on the business growth strategies.

Manosij Sarkar

Creative Director

With over 14 years of experience in branding, Manu (as we call him) is our Creative Genius. A gifted artist, he perceives design as art with a purpose. His core strength lies in transforming robust strategies into captivating visual narratives. Manu has a deep interest in type design, product design, and experience design, and he leads typography and modular type design workshops. His type design project was showcased in Eye Magazine in Autumn 2013.

Apart from his professional work, Manu enjoys delving into the fields of fine arts and robotics. He graduated in Applied Arts from Pune University and pursued postgraduation at the London College of Communication, specializing in Graphic Design and Typography.

Rohan Jakarkar

Digital Marketing Manager

Rohan, our digital marketing manager, a copywriting maestro and dedicated team player with a passion for social media. With a knack for creative thinking, Rohan adds value at Firebrand through diverse ideation, fostering social media growth, and solving complex problems. He is driven by flexible team dynamics, fueled by curiosity and is committed to a healthy lifestyle. He thrives on gaining perspective from challenges, turning them into opportunities for growth.

Manasi Kubani

Project Manager

Manasi, our vibrant project manager with an eye for detail and a passion for excellence. With a background in architecture and business design, she specialises in mapping design-driven management strategies. Experienced in working with global brands, Manasi brings a deep understanding of industry trends to every project. Outside of work, she loves traveling, exploring new places, and meeting new people, always eager to learn from others.

Jason Pinto


Jason, our self-taught designer with a passion for continuous growth. Proficient in graphic design, he enjoys creating compelling visuals and enhancing visual communication through typography. At Firebrand, Jason focuses on crafting brand collaterals and developing engaging social media creatives. Inspired by the intersection of design benefiting both users and businesses, he thrives on creating innovative, functional solutions that are aesthetically pleasing.

Bobby Nahar


Bobby is our enthusiastic explorer who loves diving into ideas and finding new perspectives. Always ready to cheer on the team, her energy is contagious. From brand design to communication, she loves exploring animation. She has an eye for trends, a knack for storytelling, and a clear talent for motion graphics. A graduate in applied arts, she loves to get her hands dirty.

We do what we do really well, but for everything else we collaborate with like-minded businesses and entrepreneurs.

Poocho Network

Primary Research & Consumer Insights
We collaborate with Poocho, leveraging Dr. Taapsi Ramchandani’s expertise to recruit validated consumer leads for our research.


Campus Times Media

Video Content Creation
We rely on Anikait and his production team to help us create visual content.


Pixel First

Website Development
For all our custom coding and development needs, Ganesh and his team step in.


Design Evolution Lab

Space Design
With the help of our freinds Agraja & Sushil, we work on Space design projects.


Arish Bhatena

Lifestyle Photography
For our Lifestyle and Fashion shoots, we work closely with Aarish.


Infinitum Digital

WordPress Development
For anything WordPress, Bhavik and his team help us put things together.


Awards & Features