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Fashion / Lifestyle


Ritu Bhayani

How do you rebrand a beverage company
without overpowering their product brand?

By building a narrative on the company culture and the people who drive it.

Plumage is a fashion & lifestyle brand founded with a strong belief of supporting artisans not just from India but across borders too. Plumage creates handcrafted garments, home decor, and upcycled products that are made using fabrics and objects sourced from across the Indian subcontinent (Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal,  Pakistan and Sri Lanka), directly from the artisans. The products are contemporary, handcrafted and their belief is rooted in traditional artistry and diversity of the subcontinent that knows no borders.

Handcrafted & ancestral techniques set the tone for what we wanted to achieve in terms of perceptions. We embraced the imperfections of the hand and the nostalgia associated with the techniques and based the brand story on 3 pillars: Plumage: the name association, Indian Subcontinent: the brand differentiator, Bohemian: the design sensibilities.

Through our research, we found that most people didn’t know the meaning of the word ‘Plumage’ (a bird’s feathers collectively) and hence, could not directly associate it with handcrafted products. The challenge lay in visually communicating the brand beliefs and sentiments without alienating the urban audience.

We collaborated with DeLab and worked on the retail experience of the brand.