Mrs B


Research, Strategy, Positioning, Narrative, Branding, Illustrations, Packaging




Bharati Bhandari

How do you bring out the joy of baking
through packaging?

By creating scenarios that capture the baker's joy.

After spending 40 years in the US, Bharti returned to India with the ambition of launching her own cookie brand, the profits from which would support animal welfare causes. She aimed to introduce the brand to a niche and sophisticated audience and share her story.

Meet Mrs. B – a passionate, lively American artisan baker with a compassionate nature. We crafted stylised and playful illustrations to narrate Mrs. B’s journey through everyday moments close to her heart. We crafted the brand narrative around “Happiness Handmade”.

For Mrs. B, the baking process is as significant as the final product, and we aimed to capture this essence through the illustration series created for the brand. We depicted delightful scenarios from her baking journey, using them as the primary storytelling medium on the packaging.

Embark on a journey into Mrs. B’s life and discover the simple joys through her eyes. Inspired by the industrious bumblebee, she exudes spirit and finds happiness in the everyday. She believes that the finest things in life are crafted by hand.