Speak Easy


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Lark Winery LLP

How do you acquaint people with a new
category of drinking ?

By relating it to nostalgia and the mindset around casual drinking.

Lark Winery launched a new category of Seltzers for Urban Consumers. The brief was clear: rather than aiming to replace other categories, we aimed to establish a fresh connection for this new category. Our goal was to create a narrative that is youthful, relatable, and appeals to early, first-time drinkers. Crisp, refreshing, and fruity.

The name SpeakEasy was derived from the Prohibition Era in the USA, during which drinking and selling alcohol in secrecy was commonplace. SpeakEasy has endured through the ages and has become synonymous with having a good time. We aimed for the brand to embody the concept of an ‘Easy life,’ where life is simple, slow, and relaxed.

The identity we created exudes a free-flowing vibe, transporting your mind far from the daily rut and reinforcing the idea of easy living. The stamp incorporates elements from the logo and draws inspiration from the visual of a person relaxing with their arms stretched out, as well as a simplified representation of water and sun. This became the brand’s core purpose.

A toast to good times!

While developing the visual language, research led to the key insight that when people drink casually, it’s all about having a good time, engaging in conversations, and building friendships. We aimed to tap into the emotional aspect of drinking and move beyond the functional nature of alcohol. The hand-drawn line illustrations created were inspired by various activities and scenarios enjoyed with friends and family, where memories are made