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How do you elevate a lesser-known ingredient
that isn’t aesthetically pleasing?

By making the product the hero and crafting the
appeal around its profound benefits.

Garlic, a time-honoured ingredient celebrated for its health benefits, undergoes a fascinating transformation when naturally aged under controlled conditions. It turns black, acquires a sweet taste, and offers profound health benefits.

However, convincing a wider audience of the credibility behind how garlic turns black and gains health-benefiting properties proved to be a challenge. The product was already being sold within the founder’s network, but they sought to expand the reach and provide this healthy elixir to a larger audience. Apprehensions and questions, along with low awareness, limited the potential reach and impact of this product.

Our goal was to simplify communication and introduce black garlic as a daily source of health and nutrition. Not an ingredient, but a lifestyle product with health benefits. We embraced black garlic’s uniqueness, crafting a clean, minimal design with a muted color palette, centered on health and well-being, making it stand out more.

This approach not only elevated the brand’s image but also enhanced consumers’ overall understanding and appreciation of black garlic, resulting in increased sales and a positive impact on people’s health and well-being.

A unique identity was created that stemmed from the idea that balance should be both internal and external, which is possible when we are in equilibrium with Nature in its truest form.

Through simple illustrations, we brought each step of the process to life. Our goal was to showcase Black Garlic in all its glory and debunk any myths surrounding the product.

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Dev Rattan Nagpaul Managing Director, Kasaya


DESIGN AWARDS 2023 Packaging
D&AD Awards 2023 Shortlisted
REBRAND 100 Gold Category