Que Spaces


Research, Positioning, Branding, Illustrations, Architecture,  Packaging Design,
Communication, Website Guideline.


Wellness / Lifestyle

How do you add a realm of possibilities to a
co-working space?

By joining the dots and making every interaction meaningful.

Launching a new-age co-working and shared office space by the Magarpatta Group in Pune. Deep-rooted in the idea of a fresh start daily, the name revolves around the metaphor of a “cue” – highlighting how every day presents new opportunities and reasons to come into work.

The brand essence, “Enabling Possibilities,” positions Que as an enabler, facilitator, and support for teams of any size, from various industries, staying true to the shared economy space.

The identity explores the use of a simple dot, symbolising the starting point of any creation. This concept establishes Que as a space for possibilities, projecting it as an enabler and facilitator for its customers. The first dot represents Que, while the second represents the customer. The line symbolises Que bridging all gaps by providing customer excellence.

The visual language is built on dots forming a unique grid, which can be used dynamically to communicate various aspects of the business. The dot is not limited to lines but adapts to various forms, shapes, and patterns. Through the play of the grid, the brand can tell different stories, making it visually distinctive and memorable.”