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Rio Innobev Pvt. Ltd.

How do you rebrand a beverage company
without overpowering their product brand?

By building a narrative on the company culture and the people who drive it.

Better For You is a nutraceutical brand that brings you powerful super blends sourced from nature, designed to help you live a better and more holistic lifestyle. The product offerings were built on the key foundations of well-being, enabling busy urbanites to lead better lives by addressing gaps in their daily lifestyle.

Creating a parent brand for the producers of Rio Beverages—a range of beverages that are not only innovative but also unique. A resilient company, in existence for over a decade, taking on industry giants head-on, shared with us their new vision.

Our challenge lay in re-engineering the parent brand with the influence of the consumer brand, yet without overshadowing it. Our objective was to weave a narrative that not only encapsulated the spirit of the team but also conveyed the value of the products and the company.

A simple R was mindfully blended with the key metaphor of a person stepping forward and paving new paths.

We crafted their brand narrative:
“We believe when you challenge the status quo, question the mundane and think beyond the ordinary – great things happen. This is what drives us at RIO INNOBEV.

We are an innovative beverage company with a mission to introduce products that inspire new possibilities. Our purpose guides our growth and action, as we take a step forward and pave new paths.

At RIO INNOBEV, we don’t see challenges for what they are, but for opportunities they could be. We celebrate everything “New” – a new way, a better way, an unusual way as we are committed to going the extra-mile every day.”

The visual language was designed keeping the celebratory moments that Rio products enable.  A combination of ribbons and fizzy bubbles formed the key graphic style, this coupled with vibrant energetic colours brought out the energy of its people and their new approach towards the future.

An unordinary company with an optimistic soul.